For those who are not familiar with my previous Chud writings, in addition to my game reviews for MCP, I wrote the weekly column Random Setting.  Originally it was a column for off-beat news stories, undeserving of a full-fledged column, but interesting enough to warrant mention (and often ripe for offensive lampoon).  After some intitial success (and proding from some editors whose opinions I respect), the column became more of a mix of mini-game reviews and serious commentaries mixed in with ultra-crude jokes.

As life (get ready for the sports metaphor) threw a series of nasty off-speed pitches, my contributions to the Main Page became more and more infrequent.  Given my obsessive nature with ensuring a lack of typos, proper grammer (something I failed at, repeatedly) and jokes that “worked”  (it’s amazing to see how many ways there are to write a Gary Glitter joke), a thousand word column took hours of editing.  Additionally, and more importantly,  as I was dealing with life, Alex and Russ ramped up serious game (and excellent) coverage to the point that my puerile humor seemed a bit out of place.  Gladly, I faded away to deal with my own real life issues.

Over the past month, fortunately, my life has begun to work out and the Chud Blogs have been gaining steam.  As opposed to the Main Page, which should be reserved for the consistent A-plus material so often churned out by the writers, the blogs exist for us to shoot of the hip.  Something that is right up my alley.

As video games are something I’m highly interested in, it will be often the focus of the blog.  But as this is supposed to be self-interested, I’ll often offer my take on movies, tv, politics, life, hell whatever I’m thinking and what might be interesting to the community, while ripping-off the gimmicks of every writer who has ever influenced me.  I’ll try to update it more than once a week, but at the sacrifice of “shine.”  There will be typos, horrible grammar and some unrefined tasteless jokes. 

Hopefully, some (if not all) these posts will lead to discussions on the boards.  Please feel free to let it fly there.   Finally, it’s good to be back.

That’s all for now.