Earlier this year, my wife and I had a miscarriage.  I don’t know how
to explain the feeling of having such wonderful aspect of your life so harshly and swiftly taken
away .  While we all use hyperbole to
describe the poor quality a movie or video game, this miscarriage
was truly soul-crushing.  I almost even changed my
Chud message board name to Little Blob’s Dad.  Clearly, I can joke
about it now, but at the time, it was a tragedy I could never imagine.

Fortunately, we had the uplifting support of friends of family.  Some visited, some shared stories, some took our minds off it and some simple
wrote a heartfelt note which let us know that they cared.  Of course, not all of the responses were welcome.  One in particular was from the
partner at my former law firm, who after I explained what had happen
said “so you have problems.  Who cares?  How is that my problem?”  That
response (and my subsequent response) are major contributing factors to
my departure from the firm.  But today, I have found the worst
response possible.

Earlier today, a friend of mine forwarded this entry from VH1’s Best Week Ever Blog.  The blog discusses a site which sells an E-card for miscarriages. Yeah, miscarriages.  Here are the images you can choose from:

Oh, but that’s not all, it comes with the following song selections:

Marriage of Figaro
Beetlejuice Theme
Bohemian Rhapsody

Classic Dixieland

Moon River

Muppets Title Theme

Stairway To Heaven

We Are The Champions


(This is all included in the VH1 blog).

First of all, why stop at those songs?  Why not include the Star Wars Cantina or  Sister Christian (You’re Mooootoring)?  Better yet, why not make that first pic animated and have it dance to the Gremlins theme.  “Awe, my dead baby dances like Gizmo.”

At the time of the miscarriage, if I had received such an obvious lazy gesture out of some feeling obligation as the above E-card, I would have found that person and murdered them.  Then I would have found a way to resurrect them, just to give them a terminal illness.  Finally, I would have sent them an E-card saying “sorry for giving you that terminal illness.” 

But what is most scary, this is how people say “thinking of you.”

That’s all for now.