Joe Perez

Well-Hyped Activity

     Well, I finally caught ‘Paranormal Activity’ this weekend. I actually tried to catch the movie a few weeks ago during its original small midnight release run in Santa Cruz, but it was sold out by the time we got to the theater. The reason we arrived at the theater late is a fascinating story … Continue reading

Movie love…what a crock of B.S.

It’s funny when you think about the way love is portrayed in film. You rarely ever see an honest display of how love can unfold. Sure, we’ve all had butterflies in our stomach, went through puppy love, and generally just made a jackass of ourselves in the name of “love”, but what about when the … Continue reading

Denny’s = The Late Night Dinner of Kings

What is it about mediocre food that is so comforting after a late night of drinking, debauchery, and “I swear I’m cool, I’ve been drinking water for 20 minutes” driving? Maybe it’s just that our standards are lowered at this stage, and similar to ‘beer goggles’ (or as I like to call it “non-selective vision … Continue reading

Death of the video store

Netflix. Blockbuster online. Mail order brides. All offer products on demand, in-home convenience, and recurring monthly charges. What’s not to like?  It’s great to browse titles online and have them show up in the mailbox a day later, but are we forgetting the joys of the video store? I’m not talking about the generic and … Continue reading

Dead Technology – Vol 1 – The Pager

 I clearly remember feeling like I was on the cutting edge of technology with a pager in high school. This of course was after convincing my parents I wasn’t a drug dealer. I was simply an innocent kid who wanted to keep in touch with friends, and only page local drug dealers. That’s neither here … Continue reading