Elliot Clifford

DMMCOT#10 Must suck being a female on the net

Sarah Palin becomes McCain’s Vice Presidential candidate…so what does the internet do? Ads for ‘Would you do Sarah Palin?’ Photoshops of Sarah Palin nude, taken up the cooter etc. www.iwoulddosarahpalin.com. By ‘the internet’ I don’t mean every single person on it. I’m sure in some corners of the net some site, possibly run by women, … Continue reading

DMMCOT#8 Memorable movie rumors

My mother told me today that Britney Spears was going to be in the new Tarantino movie. After she did I told her why it wasn’t true and wouldn’t be happening. The original story broke with the UK Telegraph and was then circulated around the globe where it was either proven false (CHUD) or regarded … Continue reading

DMMCOT#7 Check your head Devin.

Why did I just get redirected to an online gambling site? “By this time tomorrow, it’ll be like browsing a whole new CHUD.” Yep, that’s the truth. I open up the CHUD front page, I automatically get redirected to www.pacificpoker.com. Not a pop up. Not a flash ad. It takes me away from CHUD and … Continue reading

DMMCOT #6 Weinsteins & Cinema

This isn’t a bitch and whine session. I don’t think they’re evil. I don’t think they’re brilliant. I just don’t understand them. Moriarty just posted an ‘Open letter to Harvey…’ concerning the less than confident release of Outlander. First of all, Moriarty is a total muppet. He writes as if he believes he is going … Continue reading

Don't Make Me Come Over There #3

If I was Zack Snyder…I wouldn’t be doing The Watchman. Disclaimer: I fully acknowledge that all of this might be proved wrong upon the film’s release. That would be nice. It’s not because “It’s un-filmable,” nor is it because “it’s not politically relevant.” It’s because Snyder has problems with textual translations to screen. Dawn of … Continue reading