Faraci’s piece on David Foster made me wonder; who are the
people that I don’t know personally, but would still give a damn should they
die? When people like Heath Ledger and Bernie Mac kick the bucket it’s not nice
news. But it’s not news that makes me feel like I’ve lost something. I say something because I’m not losing someone, these are not people I know. But
there are those total strangers whose death would deliver unto me that feeling of
loss. They are as follows:


James Cameron

Cameron’s death would be a giant kick in the nuts.
Especially, and this is selfish, if it happened before Avatar is finished. I only
like half his films, but those that I do I can’t get enough of. I’ve never
looked forward to any film as much I am for Avatar. Coupled with the fact that
if this dude were to buy the farm we’d be losing one of, if not the pioneer for mainstream 3D. The guy
is fighting to bring back the spectacle and after the apathy inducing 2003 CGI
blitzkrieg, it would be nice for him to succeed, then continue making more films
now that the technology hurdles are on their way to being overcome.  


Michael Mann

If I had to pick a favorite director, this would be the guy.
He’s consistent. He’s digital (there’s a common thread emerging here). I love
how he’s gone and taken the rough digital look and thrown it up in front of
mainstream audiences. Watching Collateral makes me believe that a digital
feature is not out of the question for someone like me in the future, not just
because of the lower costs (yes, I know how much Collateral cost) but also
because the more people see this aesthetic, the more they will become
comfortable with it. If Mann were to cark it tomorrow, we’d be losing a
champion of the new aesthetic. A director who will continue to grow and learn
(…after Miami Vice). Also, I think Heat is flawless (with the exception of
one bad blue screen shot). Flawless.


Steven Speilberg

He doesn’t like digital. But he helped build The Model and I’m
all about The Model. He is important. He’s not consistent but with the amount
of films of his I love, I’m not concerned about consistency. Of all the
directors to waste $180million on a shitty movie, he’s the one I give a total
pass to. If The Golden Jew to pass away tomorrow I’d be calling in sick to have
drinks and watch his finest with my mates. And it would suck. (Don’t die Steven!)


David Fincher

He gets better with every film. That is rare. So many
directors stagnate, so many sit around on a pedestal fashioned from some film
made 20 years ago. Not Fincher. He’s creates special effects shots we haven’t
seen before. He’s the one word argument against people who believe commercial
directors getting features are a bad omen. Fincher cannot die because he
improves with each film, and when I think about the kind of film he’ll be
making in fifteen years I get excited.


Christopher Nolan

I want the film he does after Batman 3. Aka: The Film Where
Nolan Does Whatever He Wants and No-One Tries To Stop Him. That’s going to be a
film to get excited about.


I look back at this list and see the selfishness riddled
throughout…’Don’t die because I want to keep being entertained.’ But then
again, they are entertainers, aren’t they? People who I think do things
differently, helping to set up the future of cinema as I hope to see it.