Sarah Palin becomes McCain’s Vice Presidential
candidate…so what does the internet do? Ads for ‘Would you do Sarah Palin?’ Photoshops
of Sarah Palin nude, taken up the cooter etc. By
‘the internet’ I don’t mean every single person on it. I’m sure in some corners
of the net some site, possibly run by women, is praising her for her political
achievements. But in the circles I’m traveling in; the top-ten-focused, quick-byte-entertainment,
waste-time-at-work sector of the net…Sarah Palin is a piece of meat to be
treated with the utmost disrespect.


If you’re a female sportcaster, expect coverage to be about
your tits, what your tits looked like in this
top, what your tits looked like in that
top. If you read the weather, expect videos of you in slo mo wearing tight
clothes. If you’re a woman who’s accomplished anything at all in your life,
expect the primary focus to be on your body and the fantasy of fucking you.   


Worst thing about being a woman on the net is not site
generated content, it’s user comments. In a pic posting forum for sportswomen I
found a picture of Stephanie Rice. You may know her as the Aussie swimmer who
won a bunch of gold in the pool last month. Underneath her photo were the
comments, one in particular I couldn’t find in order to link or reference here,
so I’ll be accurately paraphrasing;

   ‘She won’t be using
her shoulders when she retires, she’ll be using her mouth only on


Cool bananas, Mr Annonymous Internet Guy, you’ve made a
comment insinuating that Rice will be spending her retirement sucking your
dick. She suuuuure will.


ScriptGirl, currently posting on her own youtube channel as
well as being featured on AICN is a prime example of asking for this kind of
treatment. The woman knows that she can pull off some cleavage, she also knows
it will increase her views. So she continues to do it. And AICN members, week
in, week out, post comments about her boobs, what they’d like to do to them,
where they’d like to stick it. Oh, and why she deserves their cock in her
mouth. Yeah man, she deserves it, she needs it, just because she’s a woman.  

However she isn’t helping, she deliberately reveals her
cleavage to get people’s attention. But then again, would people read it if she
was covered up? It’s just information that you can get from many other movie
sites, with the twist of having a rack on display. Is this what she deems
necessary to get attention? Here’s the kind of attention it gets her:

you just turn down the thermostat already?

by Piltdown Joey
Sep 6th, 2008

11:20:24 PM Let’s see some nips pushin’ through that nice little spaghetti
strap top!’

Thank you Piltdown Joey for that wonderful ditty. Can you
turn your car exhaust on and just sit in the garage for a bit? Let’s see some
pathetic net-dwellers found dead in their cars wearing nice little Voltron


Take CHUD blogger Julia Marchese. Does she think more people
are going to read her blog because her photo shows her with (a hint of)
cleavage? Julia, do you? You’d think that sort of thing wouldn’t matter here. You’d


Bah, but what are ya gonna change.? I’m just so shitty that
there’s a fucking site for ‘doing’ Sarah Palin. That and seeing female site members
being told just how hard they need to be fucked in the ass. Who knows, in ten
years the combination of internet anonymity coupled with porno might just bring
about a world where some people think it’s okay to say this shit in real life.
Then again, in ten years we’ll be living more of our life online than we
currently do. Neither of these bode well.