Doug Cross

How not to impress on V-Day

This is what I get for trying to impress someone special on Valentine’s Day!!Who knew that an innocent trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond on Saturday would lead to such carnage, and a trip to the emergency room on Sunday?? There we were, browsing the aisles when we we spied the kitchenware. Needing a new … Continue reading


Look man, I am not hating on you… really!! I still do like the totality of your work. George Michael was the most endearing kid on a sitcom in years. You made falling for your cousin into something sweet and endearing, rather than gross and creepy.Superbad was inspired. Even if you were skirting the edge … Continue reading

Batman And Robin

I gotta say I was pleasantly surprised by this book. Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of both Morrison and the character. I just wasn’t sure if the two would come together to make a great taste that tastes great together.Obviously we have a new dynamic duo, and I am no longer gonna … Continue reading

Dragged to Hell

Really though… I did not need to be dragged to this movie. Until such a time as the gods smile down upon us and we are graced with the 4th Evil Dead film, ‘Drag me to Hell’ will tide me over. Who cares that Raimi was forced to put out a PG 13 rated movie? … Continue reading


Been meaning to write on here much more often. Sadly, I found out about this gig, around the same time my company starting circling the drain. We rent out rooms and equipment for people to edit video for TV. Just one of the many post houses scattered throughout NYC.It got a little scary back during … Continue reading

American Scary

After watching the documentary ‘American Scary’ I realize I have missed my calling in life. I now feel that I was always destined to be a horror host. Bringing late night thrills and chills to all the little boys and ghouls out in TV land. Slap on some white pancake makeup, stand me in front … Continue reading

We can be Heroes

I am arriving fashionably late to the ‘Heroes’ party. What can I say? As a rabid comic fan, I planted my flag in the naysayers’ camp early on. All that I had heard offended me. The fact that every character and plot point seemed cribbed from the greatest hits of all of comic history soured … Continue reading