I gotta say I was pleasantly surprised by this book. Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of both Morrison and the character. I just wasn’t sure if the two would come together to make a great taste that tastes great together.

Obviously we have a new dynamic duo, and I am no longer gonna spoil it by saying it is Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne’s own son Damian. I have nothing against the original Boy Wonder donning his mentor’s tights, but I wasn’t too Bats’ crotch fruit taking over Robin’s spot. The other comics I read with him kinda left me cold towards the psychotic little guy.

And don’t get me started on Morrison’s output over the past few years. I love the guys stuff up to a point. I ate up Animal Man and the Invisibles, and too many others to mention. But, I think he started writing weird for the sake of weird. Even armed with years and years of comic minutiae, it has been hard to keep up with where he is getting some of his referances. His Batman R.I.P. arc was close to coherent, and his All Star Superman was great… but but but…  Final Crisis??

Luckily, his new comic is closer in feel to what he did with Supes. Nice tight stories that just have that old zing. Of course, it has only been one issue, but I definitely breathed a sigh of relief when I was done. It is VERY different from your usual dour and dark Batman stuff. I am OK with that. New team on the inside and outside, it’s to be expected. Let’s hope that this is a vision of what is to come. I miss the old more accessable stuff he wrote. I can get down with the weird and weirder… but don’t lose sight of your characters and your plot is all I ask.