Been meaning to write on here much more often. Sadly, I found out about this gig, around the same time my company starting circling the drain. We rent out rooms and equipment for people to edit video for TV. Just one of the many post houses scattered throughout NYC.

It got a little scary back during the writer’s strike. Once we finally started rallying from that, we are hit with a BIG ol’ economic downturn. Clients start jumping ship not soon after that. No one wants to shell out extra cash for the fancy editing suites when they can just shove shove an editor into a broom closet with a computer and tell him to get to work.

Well, it all came to a head this week when the bosses announced that they would have to met myself and my coworker go. Not a big surprise to either of us, but we were hoping that they would at least wait until the end of the month.

Now, I haven’t been laid off or fired in about 20 years. Not since the summer after high school when I did house painting. That doesn’t really count though, since our manager was a raging coke head, who rather than buy us new ladders, spent it all on nose candy. He got into the habit of firing someone new every week to cut his costs.

Anyway, I am now in the unenviable position of having to look for work in this blasted landscape of a job market. Freelancers circling like vultures over the carcass of any available work. Today the news said that we are on an upswing and should be out of the woods by the summer… but I don’t know if that will trickle down into my field of expertise for some time yet.

All is not lost! I actually feel that besides the blow to my bank account, this could be a good opportunity. Time to keep my chin up, nose to the grindstone, ear to the ground… any random body part cliche you can think of.