Really though… I did not need to be dragged to this movie. Until such a time as the gods smile down upon us and we are graced with the 4th Evil Dead film, ‘Drag me to Hell’ will tide me over. Who cares that Raimi was forced to put out a PG 13 rated movie? He still slipped in more than enough gory fun to satiate the fans of his scarier fare. This is what happens when you bring in bank for your studio doing 3 films of a certain web headed super hero. The censors tend to let you get away with a little more.

I made the trip this past weekend, my friend and I sneaking a few adult beverages into the theater with us to enhance our enjoyment. The place was packed and raucous, which is just what you want for this sort of thing. People jumping at the the right moments, groaning at the gross stuff, laughing nervously to each other. It was exactly what I was hoping for.

I honestly hope that people give this a chance and make it even a small success. We need more horror of this type right now. No more weak remakes or anemic PG 13 fare.

Reading Devin’s article about why Horror fans are the bets movie fans has definitely inspired me into writing more about a subject that is so near and dear to my cold black heart…