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Adventures in Lame Movie Trailers

Most of the time I very much enjoy watching the previews when I go to the movies. Hell, sometimes I even enjoy the commercials that show up before the previews (assuming I’m not at a Carmike and having to suffer through that ridiculous Three Doors Down National Guard music video). If we get a good … Continue reading

A War Story

Just finished reading a fantastic article over at hip hop site Smoking Gun about R.A the Rugged Man’s infamous verse on Uncommon Valor: A Vietnam War Story. The song appeared on Jedi Mind Tricks’ last album (Servants in Heaven, Kings in Hell) and was immediately noted for its subject matter and fantastic delivery by the … Continue reading

Ruminations 2008

Jury selection began Monday in the trial of a woman accused of killing her 1-month old daughter by cooking her in a microwave. It’s tragic, no doubt, but before we all start slinging the “Who allegedly microwaved what baby” blame, I’d like you to take a look at Exhibit A:

A Nice Hard Slap (1.27.08)

Welcome to the latest mind-blistering missive from my spent casing of a noggin, filled to the rim with shinola and burgeoning with backwash and partially chewed Red Vines.I’ve decided that the ‘Slap’ is going to be about life. Personal shit. Professional shit. Random shit. That way, the Steady Leaks I run on the main site … Continue reading

Blood, Sweat and Beers – 01.27.08

I just saw There Will Be Blood. Maybe my expectations were set too high.  Maybe I expected something differant. I was disappointed. Now, don’t get me wrong. The movie was beautiful. The direction was outstanding and P.T. Anderson has once again proven to be a master behind the camera. Daniel Day Lewis was perfection, as … Continue reading