It seems that I now have a home to post infinitely more incoherent ramblings than the ones I pass off as DVD reviews for CHUD, which is a nice thing.  I’ve always wanted to keep up and maintain a blog, with the focus probably migrating towards the movies I see for the most part (my grand 2008 goal is to watch 365 movies this year), but I can’t see why half-baked theories and links of animals being ridden by smaller-yet animals won’t make their way into the party as well.  As for author picture and bio info, that will have to wait until I get my home computer back from the computation-box-fixatorium, where the twelve gigs of Mutant X episodes on my hard drive caused some sort of malfunction.  But soon I’ll be on here on a hopefully semi-frequent basis and perhaps somebody somewhere (or at the very least, me) will get some entertainment out of this.

Back soon,
Tom F.