If I were managing the Black Mesa science facility, here are a few initiatives I’d spearhead:

1)  Make all scientists and other active-duty personnel wear motorcycle helmets, or, at the very least, football helmets.  (note- can we buy these in bulk from the local sports supply store?  Look into this.)  An army of headcrab-infested scientists can easily be avoided by wearing some very simple head protection.

2)  Put in some escape pods and/or a self destruct mode.  Building a dangerous, potentially beast ridden laboratory with essentially one exit seemed like a good idea at the time, but it turned out to be about as smart as when they started “Gang Nite Thursdayz!” at Shooters Bar and Grille.

3)  Implement a corporate flex-time plan.  It’s an easy change that can really boost morale, and I know this from experience.

4)  That’s about it.  Sorry- I know it’s a short list.  I’ll try harder next time.