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THE TRAILER   THIS SEASON INCLUDES:  • Anastasia Ashley – 33, Miami Beach, Fla. • Tia Blanco – 23, Oceanside, Calif. • Mason Barnes – 26, Venice, Calif. • Juli Hernandez – 22, Costa Mesa, Calif. • Kayla Durden – 27, Jacksonville Beach, Fla. • Malia Ward – 22, San Clemente, Calif. • Koa Smith … Continue reading


After Marvyn Korn has been shot as Head Coach of the Men’s Basketball Team of the University of Wisconsin — he threw a chair in the game of a referee — in the opening minutes of the new Disney+ Big Shot series, he met with his agent (Adam Arkin) for his next show. Will he … Continue reading


GLIMPSE The Virgin River of Netflix is like a hot hug: It is the ideal homey drama to cuddle up with small-town trappings reminiscent of Gilmore Girls and Friday Night Lights. Fans agree. Even before Virgin River’s third season, scheduled for July 9, was canceled, Netflix closed the program silently for the fourth season of … Continue reading


Episode 6 of the Loki will be shown next week on Disney+. We are preparing for something big. It is the ending! Will it live up to some of the expectations? If we currently have one complaint about the series, we are building up to the Big Bad forever. We know that some opponent is waiting … Continue reading


In the fifth episode of Loki, Classic Loki (a spectacle-like Richard E. Grant) spoke aloud that they only had one role to play in the stories of life, in the cosmos, and all: The God of Outcasts. But all the while, Loki has seen all his awful defects become flesh, and he is sick to … Continue reading

Loki Episode 3 Review- Dancing With Myself

The third episode of “Lamentis” by Marvel’s Loki put our main guy into a terrible predicament, which seemed no way of escaping. It also made Loki canonically bisexual in the MCU and opened a box of TVA worms that will have us guessing for a while about their real nature and identity. It was particularly … Continue reading


THE TRAILER BIOHACKERS SEASON 2 CAST This huge secret on which her life relies must be solved in the second season. Her erstwhile opposite, a bio-scientist from all walks of life, Professor Dr. Lorenz (Jessica Swarz), appears to know more. But with everything that occurred, can the two ladies trust one other? On 9 July, … Continue reading

The Blacklist Finale: A tragic end

I anticipate the tone of this “Konets” season 8 Blacklist Finale episode to mirror their bookend titles to the “Nachalo” installment. More flashes, more memories of the black and white, more unraveling of the enigmatic mythology of the Blacklist, and maybe even Liz die a little death in Latvia after her wounded gunshot. However, I … Continue reading