THUD, or Television Happenings Under Development as it’s known to geniuses, is’s signature television column. The column offers insight, news, and snark aplenty on the tube known to its friends and family as “Boob”.


Welcome to your latest summery edition of THUD, Television Happenings Under Development,’s very own column about  the wild and wacky world of television. It’s almost August, which means that we’re in the tail end of the summer programming season. It’s weird to realize that we’ve come so far in regards to summer television: when … Continue reading


Just when you thought Blade Trinity (which I unashamedly liked, and which I think people will come around to in a couple of years, as they often do with delightful bad movies) had staked the franchise through its Daywalking heart, David Goyer goes and announces it’s moving to television. Sort of. I mean, it depends … Continue reading


It’s been so long friends, and I apologize for my long absence. But being on hiatus is a long honored part of television, so let’s just assume that this is the second season. We’ll soon have more columns with the usual news and snottiness, but let’s start with one all about what is easily the … Continue reading