Okay, I must calm myself enough now to check Marvel’s Loki, episode 4, “The Nexus Event,” which kept me up on my seat’s edge until I could take the credit. I was pretty much out of my seat during the post-credit sequence. My memory is cloudy, but I assume that I saw Richard E. Grant and Loki was not killed again when I arose within 0.2 seconds. Now, let’s get back on track since there are many things we need to discuss before we reach our destination

Loki has frequently divided its first three episodes. A simple browse through the responses in the comment area of my reviews showed as much as I personally liked them. However, many of the criticisms I read focused on the parts of the narrative which paid off in Loki Episode 4 very nicely.

Hold on a doomed moon with Loki and Sylvie, and you probably have a lot of value when spending a week last episode to know the pair better. When you rejoined to face off against the ‘temporary guards,’ you’ve probably gained a lot out of their forced separation! You undoubtedly felt the bold punch when Loki had to see him die if you liked the strange bond developing between Loki and Mobius in the previous two episodes. And you finally got a chance to shout “HA! I KNEW IT!” when it turned out you were a mistaken one, when it was highly suspicious to Renslayer and scoped her office for evidence during these TVA admin sequences.

We began with a bit of background of the episode. We saw that Sylvie was kidnapped as a youngster by the TVA and eluded her Varian pruning by an enthusiastic Renslayer. It wasn’t a fast cut before the Nexus event reached the redline – Sylvie was born in a Loki and lived on Asgard for many years before Renslayer and TVA entering. The issues resulting from these occurrences remain unaddressed in episode 4; therefore, we must put them on the backburner for the time being.

We then switched to the “now” when TVA entered the Lamentis Apocalypse to take Loki and Sylvie out and eventually led Mobius and B-15 to make their escape from their imprisonment. That might occur, we suspected. What we didn’t know was how it would go down, and it came out in awe when Mobius and B-15 began to doubt everything they thought they knew about the TVA and its work. Everything felt tense – from the B-15 to Sylvie and his touching memory of Sylvie’s real past to Renslayer finally realizing Renslayer is a lying liar. We knew from the beginning that Renslayer is not stupid.

The elephant in the chamber is to be addressed: the connection between Loki and Sylvie. In episode 4, Renslayer tried all he could to get rid of Loki and Sylvie, but the pair seemed to develop quite the connection together during their short time; a link Mobius took up very fast after love rescued the day. The relationship between Loki and Asgard seems to be setting up on a romantic basis, at least from Loki’s point of view, in episode 4. It is yet to be seen if this programme will promote romance among them, but maybe we should try to strap into the inevitable?

Season 2 of Loki? Owen Wilson just kept murdering it like Mobius elsewhere. He was so emotionally crucial in this series. The excitement of seeing Mobius connecting the points and eventually trying to break out of the box where he was placing the TVA was cut so severely by his abrupt death at the end of a pruning bar. Only a terrible moment, which Loki may experience deep but momentarily at this performance. I hope that is not the last we see Wilson on this programme, although I’m unsure how he might be used in future MCU installations if he returns and finishes. Fingers have crossed as it seems that behind the scenes of the TVA is still more dark hitting.

Then the post-credits scene was there. Marvel, harsh. Marvel, harsh. Again, you have me. Loki’s not dead, of course. Only cockroach and Tom Hiddleston will be alive at the universe’s heat death in complete Loki costume running lines. No, instead, Loki had its moment of “coming with me if you want to survive,” and a whole lot of new Loki versions were brought to light, who appear to have already discovered how to evade TVA crackdowns. “Boastful Loki,” “Kid Loki,” “Alligator Loki” – I can’t make his golden horns – and “Classic Loki,” none other than the fucking Grant from Richard E.

There are other things that I haven’t addressed here, such as Loki’s time-cell meeting with Lady Sif and the way it made Loki deal with his previous conduct and stopped another cycle of being a total jerk — this scene honestly reminded me of his hell loops. We also have the first vampire confirmation in the MCU — Blade is coming! But when my head shouts, “I cannot believe I’ve had to wait another week to find out what has happened next,” it is hard to concentrate on it all. It’s not easy to do it.