In the fifth episode of Loki, Classic Loki (a spectacle-like Richard E. Grant) spoke aloud that they only had one role to play in the stories of life, in the cosmos, and all: The God of Outcasts.

But all the while, Loki has seen all his awful defects become flesh, and he is sick to death right now. He loves himself too, but I am not here to do this kind of emotional work. He can take this stuff and have it done privately to his therapist.

“Wherever you go, there you are,” as Loki did for the theme of episode 5. Classic Loki survived his Avengers: An Encounter with Thanos in the Infinity War with his beefed-up wizardry. While stranded into the Void, Loki had several other versions known; their errors were naked. The death of Thor was the result of Loki’s murder. The hide is what it’s all about. There have been no thrones heard. Loki’s neighbors ate the cat of an Alligator. Boastful Loki kicked the two donkeys of Iron Man and Captain America and went on to acquire the stone of Infinity and Vote Loki, all concerned Midgard with political power, I guess.

On the run, it is not easy to choose an MVP of this Loki’s bunch. Loki honestly had the opportunity to observe where his valuable luggage, painted vigorously in the lines of the face of Classic Loki, was leading him.

Mobius could certainly remain alive in the Vacuum after being sliced at the request of Judge Renslayer. Marvel thanks very much for bringing his pizza delivery vehicle, “Lightning McQueen to the rescue” moment – well, not a jet ski, but it is time. It appears Loki made such a strange buddy, and I hope this relationship will last until the conclusion of the series.

Although it was pleasant to spend some time with Mobius, the Loki’s, and their tales, I could have done without some unpleasant time under the blanket with Loki and Sylvie. I adore Sylvie, but it still seems terrible and far too hurried to make her an interest in Loki. Again, I would want this relationship not to happen; it feels just strange like hell.


Loki and Sylvie had finally succeeded in enchanting Alioth via a combination of its increasing strength, but it was sadly too late to rescue Classic Loki. Yes, they grew naturally to create a gateway beyond the Vacuum to face an entity that may be behind the formation of TVA, but would they have murdered them a few seconds sooner to get the job done?

There were “large evil” riddles in the previous two that have been addressed without finally introducing any new MCU. It was not Mephisto who pulled strings in Wanda Vision, but Agatha. Therefore, Loki is equally likely to have someone we have met behind the TVA curtain – Loki himself.

As usual, I look forward to all your comments on your ideas and hypotheses, and I will be seeing you for the final next week!