Urine Big Trouble Now, Mister!

I love baseball.  It’s pretty much the only sport I enjoy.  Well, that and dwarf tossing.  But my interest in dwarf tossing has kind of dissipated ever since I accidentally ingested a cocktail of creatine, psyllium husk and some kind of monkey tranquilizer and flew into a blind rage and tossed a dwarf through a fucking window.  I’m not … Continue reading

Wii Fit Makes My Balls Itch

So, the other day I dragged my untoned ass cheeks to one of the million Best Buy stores here in San Diego and was surprised to see several employees hovering around the entrance like a bunch of blue dingle-berries.  I managed to maneuver past them and saddle up to the Wii display, where a different group of Best Buy … Continue reading