Drew Dietsch

Born and raised in the swamplands of Southwest Florida. Rode to school on a sled pulled by 12 alligators and one really pissed off manatee. Besides being an airboat captain/bounty hunter, the only solace from the lonely swamp I found was in the moving picture. But, in all seriousness, I'm a layabout who has way too much time on his hands, so that time gets spent watching as many flicks as I can. I write about those flicks at my website, The Drew Reviews (drewreview.blogspot.com). I also gab about movies and other pop culture stuff with my best buddy, Nick Murray, on our podcast, The Drew Venue (soundcloud.com/thedrewreviews). You can follow me on Twitter @DrewDietsch All in all, I'd say I'm a pretty nice guy and easy to get along with. ...Unless your favorite movie is RoboCop 3. Then, we could have problems.