It’s an old game, getting spoiled by a movie thanks to some toy that’s due to come out months before the film. Marketers have gotten savvy to this and have often put out toys meant to get people speculating that something will appear in the film, when in reality there is not intention of this happening. A recent example was with Ant-Man, which featured a toyset that included the villainous Black Ant and led people to believe that Hank Pym would be the secret baddie of the film. We now know that there is no version of Black Ant in the finished movie, so today’s “reveal” is something to take with a mountain of salt.

An ad for upcoming LEGO playsets based on Captain America: Civil War shows a number of different battle scenarios, and one of them features Ant-Man’s humongoloid form which carries the moniker of Giant-Man (see what they did there?). Check it out in the bottom right corner of this picture (click to enlarge):


I’d hope that such a big (*sigh*) moment for the character would be saved for his own movie instead of serving as an enhancement for another film’s action scene, but I can’t say I don’t want this to be true. A giant Paul Rudd stomping ass is something the world could use more of.

Captain America: Civil War still won’t show you Spider-Man until May 6. Man, I hope not.

Thanks to board member ImmortanNick for the scoop on this!

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