As excited as I am for Showtime’s revival of Twin Peaks, I have to temper that excitement with some serious skepticism. The finale of the original show is a perfect (albeit soul-shattering) thematic ending to a story about the inescapable nature of evil and corruption. Will this new series be able successfully feed off of that powerhouse ending? It’s a tough challenge, but if anyone is up to it, it’s David Lynch.

And here we get a very Lynch-ian behind the scenes peek at the new show. Focusing on the iconic landscape with narration from Michael Horse (Hawk! It’s Hawk! And he looks good!) and juicing our nostalgia centers with that “Welcome to Twin Peaks” sign, this tidbit gets the mood right.

And then whatever the hell that is happens. Who is that figure? It’s almost impssible to tell, but my gut goes for Leland. Maybe it’s a still-possessed Dale Cooper? God, I love the kind of horror director Lynch is. The fact that he’ll be bringing us an hour of television every week is exciting enough.

Twin Peaks returns in 2017 (grrrrrr).

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