Donnie Sturges

From Dusk 'Til Don #29: Double-Parkered

“Oh Marty, I almost forgot – Jennifer Parker called.“– Linda McFly “Um, which one?“– Me There’s always been one major disconnect with me in regards to the Back to the Future trilogy.  Despite the fact that I will consistently pick apart how the time travel doesn’t really work in II, despite how I feel like … Continue reading

From Dusk 'Til Don #28: Riff Raff

Last Thursday night I felt like I got to be a part of something unique and special.  And no, I don’t mean eighties “special” or Olympics “Special”, though I do think everyone who was involved was a winner. Bad humour aside, what I’m referring to is this year’s Hallowe’en edition of RiffTrax Live – an … Continue reading

From Dusk 'Til Don #26: Nightmare Scare

Hallowe’en is approaching fast, so it’s important that I impart on you some vital information that could make the difference between whether you have a killer Hallowe’en… or a Phyllis Diller Hallowe’en (trust me, no one wants a Phyllis Diller Hallowe’en; I’ve seen pictures and it’s downright frightening). Last year I came into some prize … Continue reading

From Dusk 'Til Don #23: Everything I Learned In Life, I Learned From John Hughes Movies

This past weekend I successfully completed a convention trifecta – I attended three conventions on three consecutive weekends.  Horrorfind, Intervention, and Monster Mania – these three cons made up three quarters of my September weekend content.  Each one I attended in order to promote something I was involved with.  Each one required plenty of prep … Continue reading

From Dusk 'Til Don #20: Romero's Dead Survive

Last weekend, I finally managed to purchase and watch George A. Romero’s latest installment of shambling ex-lifers – Survival of the Dead.  After the mess that was Diary of the Dead, I was extremely hesitant about picking this one up.  Fortunately, Devin’s review of the film convinced me to give Romero’s Dead universe one more … Continue reading