Donnie Sturges

From Dusk 'Til Don #7: Board Now

I used to enjoy playing board games growing up.  Parcheesi, Aggravation, Sorry, and the over-produced Monopoly were common staples in my family’s household when I was a kid.  I even enjoyed many of the card games that were popular around that time, like UNO.  My favourites were generally either of the MAD Magazine games – … Continue reading

From Dusk 'Til Don #5: Doctor, Doctor

I’m sure many of you fellow bloggers and writers out there run into this problem all the time – sometimes there are days, weeks, years when you just can’t come up with something to write about for your blog, web site, class paper, next novel, grandmother, final dying words. One of these has descended upon … Continue reading

From Dusk 'Til Don #4: Creature Feature

I’m just a tad on the busy side this week.  I’m currently prepping for a movie premiere in Luray, Virginia this Saturday for a “white trash horror flick” a friend of mine made called The Creightonville Terror.My job?  I’m the horror show host “Dr. Ghoulie”, who not only appears onscreen to host the film in … Continue reading

From Dusk 'Til Don #2: WARNING: Due to Some Demo-Graphic Content, Parental Discretion is Advised

I just turned thirty-five over the weekend, and aside from noting that I can quote a stop-motion animated Ralph Macchio from the old Lipton Brisk Iced Tea commercials for the next year to the point of annoying people, there really isn’t anything about being thirty-five that feels any different from being thirty-four.  That is, until … Continue reading