Donnie Sturges


Not a large entry this week.  The two weeks around the holidays are always busy for me, even though I’m technically on vacation.  I’m even busier this year, with new ventures and opportunities looking me in the face. But, I wanted to take a moment to share something that I experienced yesterday afternoon while at … Continue reading

From Dusk 'Til Don #34: Scrooging the Pooch

There’s a major injustice that exists in the world right now, and it becomes most apparent during this time of year.  I was reminded of this blatant disservice over the weekend while I was upgrading my copies of A Christmas Story, It’s a Wonderful Life, and Christmas Vacation to their high definition counterparts.  It’s a … Continue reading

From Dusk 'Til Don #31: I Want Candy

Since I am a resident of the US, this Thursday holds some significance to me, as well as a good portion of my fellow Americans – it’s the day we celebrate the day we started stealing land and offered polio as compensation.  But, a lot of you are more familiar with its non-Kryptonian name – … Continue reading

From Dusk 'Til Don #30: Bowling for Filler

This week’s blog is going to be a short and sweet offering.  But, I think that’s quite alright, because you can also catch me over at Ken Savage’s place this week where he, Mike’s Crossey and I conducted a little online round table discussion on a sorely underappreciated Schwarzenegger gem called Commando.   Go ahead … Continue reading