Plot holes.  Movie mistakes.  Bad edits.  Call them what you will, but every so often a minor, misplaced plot point or character moment causes the film to stumble for a fraction of a second.  Most of the time, viewers either don’t notice or can easily overlook them.  But who looks out for the characters’ who have been slighted by these missteps?

I got your back, fictional folks.  You’re welcome.

Newspaper article from the New York Times published in January of 1986:

Crooked Toy Manufacturer’s Step-Niece Still Missing After Apparent Suicide

Published: January 27, 1986

Police are still searching for the whereabouts of Cornelia Zimmel, step-niece of corrupt toy-maker Balthezar Zimmel, after his apparent suicide just two weeks after Christmas.  Authorities in charge of the investigation report that they were informed of the young girl’s disappearance by her nanny twenty-four hours after her step-uncle was said to have jumped to his death from his office on the third floor of the B.Z. Toys warehouse.  

According to reports, the tycoon’s suicide resulted from a follow-up investigation after an anonymous tip informed police that Zimmel’s latest product was volatile and unsafe for production.  This incident follows a similar one the previous year when the toy mogul was under investigation by the Senate Sub-Committee on Toy Safety for the selling and distribution of defective and harmful toys.  A recall had been ordered on the previous offense.

Police are following up several leads, including the possibility that there might have been foul play due to the timing of the step-niece’s disappearance with Zimmel’s death.  Authorities are also looking into the possibility of this being an abduction case, as several eye-witnesses have reported that Miss Zimmel was repeatedly seen offering food to a local homeless boy who also turned up missing around the same time.

Authorities are asking for any information or help in this case.  Please call the Crime Stoppers hotline at 1-800-555-8477 if you have any information vital to this case.