Tim Faulkner


Funerals. I can’t stand them. I can understand the reasoning behind them, but every single one I’ve been to is so endlessly depressing. Again, I understand why, it’s hardly a happy occasion. Unless it was Hitler’s funeral.Lately I’ve been thinking of my own mortality. Mostly because I’ve been working so much it felt like all … Continue reading

Cult of Blizzard

So Diablo 3 was finally announced this weekend and the internet went nuts leading up to this announcement and went critical after it was official. Forums everywhere analyzed the teaser image on Blizzard’s website, trying to decipher what it could mean. Some were convinced it pointed to a new Diablo, some were convinced it would … Continue reading

To My Dad

When I was growing up, none of my friends really had stable family lives. Parents were either separated, divorced or living together unhappily. By comparison, I had a positively glowing family life. I had a mother and father who loved me, two older brothers who would torment me relentlessly, and a younger sister who I … Continue reading

Nostalgia's a Bitch

I was reading Devin’s article about the new Clone Wars trailer today and I realized that I agreed with him about his feelings towards Star Wars. I haven’t paid any attention to the upcoming movie. Hell, I wasn’t even aware it was this close to coming out. I do have an interest in the upcoming … Continue reading

Social Gaming

I never really considered myself all that big a fan of multiplayer games. I played them sure, but I was very much more of a single player gamer. I preferred running my hero through the story and settings that the game designers had in mind. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy getting in some GoldenEye … Continue reading

Afraid of Innovation

Why do gamers seem to be so afraid or immediately angry at the thought of innovation?Take for example the new Banjo/Kazooie game. On a recent EGM podcast, one of the staff seemed downright pissed off that it wasn’t a traditional platform game, he ranted and raved about the vehicle building portion of the game. Forum … Continue reading

Jason Bourne Killed my Xbox

Not literally, though I did pick up The Bourne Conspiracy today for the 360 only to have my system give me the red ring of death on the second level. There were absolutely zero indications something was wrong with my system but it is very dead now. That’s number two for me, and this one … Continue reading


I’ve been voting ever since I was able to. Sometimes my candidate wins, sometimes they don’t, but at least I was sure of what I was doing. Apparently there’s a new presidential election coming up, which is such a surprise to me because I haven’t heard a bit about it. Seems like we just had … Continue reading

Blurring the Lines

Last week I saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. One thing that really struck me, aside from how much I didn’t like it, was how much it felt like a video game. The plot, pacing, characters and most of all the CGI all felt like they were pulled out of a … Continue reading

Work Friends

I’ve got a pretty good stable of friends, most of whom I’ve known for quite some time now, but I don’t keep in touch with anyone from school or old jobs despite how much I may have hung out with them at the time. As we would go our separate ways, we would tell each … Continue reading