I’ve been voting ever since I was able to. Sometimes my candidate wins, sometimes they don’t, but at least I was sure of what I was doing. Apparently there’s a new presidential election coming up, which is such a surprise to me because I haven’t heard a bit about it. Seems like we just had our last one!

But seriously, this election is different for me because I have no idea who I want to vote for. This is the point when I’ve always known who I was aiming for, but this time around I’m seriously at a loss for a decision. Nobody is really appealing to me. I can’t tell if it’s just because I haven’t done enough research or because I’ve just lost that much faith in the government.

I get annoyed when I talk to my friends and one or two of them mention that they never vote, they say they don’t see a point to it and that it doesn’t matter who they vote for. That sort of apathetic attitude just pisses me off. If you’re not going to bother to take half an hour out of the day on election day to punch holes in a card, you’ve got no right complaining about the decisions the people in power make. I’d really like to get them to go out there and give it a shot but then I’m also worried about turning into one of those crusading people trying to shove their beliefs on everyone else.

And really, what sort of message would I be sending them when I can’t even make a decision on this myself?