I was reading Devin’s article about the new Clone Wars trailer today and I realized that I agreed with him about his feelings towards Star Wars. I haven’t paid any attention to the upcoming movie. Hell, I wasn’t even aware it was this close to coming out. I do have an interest in the upcoming The Force Unleashed video game, but even my interest in that is starting to peter out, which is quite surprising to me because I was really looking forward to it. But the more I see of it, the more underwhelmed I am. I just keep hearing the developers talking about how EXTREME all of the moves are and how the story and characters tie into the movies. Really? Did we really need another excuse to make the Star Wars universe smaller?

My fading interest in the series is a bit personal to me because it was something I shared with my mom. My mom is the reason I’m into sci-fi and movies and all of that fun stuff. She saw the first Star Wars when she was pregnant with me and loved telling people how it was the start of my love affair with that universe. It was something that we could watch and really bond with. I took her to each midnight premiere for all the prequels and I would tell myself that I liked them. I can’t even watch Episode I anymore.

Now, I’m not one of those people who screamed that George Lucas raped my childhood way back when Episode I came out. I don’t even think that now. It’s his characters and story, he can and should do whatever he wants with them. I just think I grew up. I really do think that those movies were made primarily for kids and that’s great. I still see children who get worked up and excited about Star Wars and I think that’s a cool thing to see.

I’ll always have my childhood memories and some of those video games were just a blast to play and I’ll go back and give them a whirl every now and again. I admit I’m a little sad that this galaxy I wanted to visit and be a part of when I was a kid just isn’t the same for me anymore, but I’m glad I was able to experience it and love it when I did.