Jose Zuazua


every player (and fan) who is upset with the NFL about their new flagrant hit policy, You guys are knuckleheads. Do you realize that if some guy comes at you full speed with a helmet on his head with the intention of hurting you, not only can he risk your entire playing career but he … Continue reading


It’s been a while, but there just haven’t been things to really boil my hash. So in the interest of content, I have pulled together events from the past to combine them with current events to make this Super-Sized version of the “Dear…” column. Enjoy! Dear Valentine’s Day,Please stop occurring during NBA All-Star Weekend. Respectfully,Me … Continue reading

Dear… (dec 18th/post-Avatar edition)

Dear Ethnic Market,I can’t believe you actually have the services available in your establishment that people unfortunately negatively stereotype you for participating in. -me Dear Christmas,Why must you sneak up on us like that? -me Dear Rite-Aid,Please add Hostess Chocolate Pies to your counters for purchasing. -me Dear Nerds Who Were Seated In Front of … Continue reading

Dear… (dec 10th edition)

Dear Supermarkets,Can you PLEASE open up more registers? -me Dear NBA,There are 29 teams other than the Lakers. -me Dear Teenagers of Today,WTF is going on with you? -me Dear [adultswim],Why must you continually green light shows that make absolutely no sense whatsoever? -me Dear Carl’s Jr,How was I supposed to know you wouldn’t accept … Continue reading

Dear… (nov 30th edition)

Welcome to “Dear…”, a series of micro-letters addressed to persons, places or things that need some addressin’ to. Without further ado…(ahem): Dear Comic-Con,Please stay in San Diego. -me Dear DVR,THANK YOU. -me Dear Guy Who Works At the Bank,YES, she’s hot…but I need help at the ATM too…weenis. -me Dear Person Who Gets SO Wasted … Continue reading

Dear… (nov 22nd edition)

Welcome to “Dear…”, a series of micro-letters addressed to persons, places or things that need some good addressin’ to. Without further ado…(ahem): Dear Whole Foods Market,I understand that everysinglething in your market is good for me, but do you really have to charge so much for my health? -me Dear Vegetarianism,Your food tastes like suck, … Continue reading