every player (and fan) who is upset with the NFL about their new flagrant hit policy,

You guys are knuckleheads. Do you realize that if some guy comes at you full speed with a helmet on his head with the intention of hurting you, not only can he risk your entire playing career but he can also ruin your long term health? Is your head so surrounded by fat that you can’t see that? Is your lust for brutality so carnal that you can’t realize that some jerk can take everything from you just like that? And if he did, as you struggle to your feet and the trainers/medical staff need to help you off the field, I’d like to see you walk over to him and say “good hit”.

Look, I’m a fan of a good, slow-mo crunch, causing a guy to go spinning through the air. But there is no need to cause permanent injury to someone. If you REALLY want to hurt a guy, make fun of his mom. Draw a penis into the dust on his car. Put a laxative in his chocolate shake.

But don’t ruin his career.