Not an actual blog entry. A huge sorry to the handful of people who read this, waiting at their computers to see what I have to say.

But I do love you all, so that is why I’m apologizing.

I have an article that I was going to post up here a month ago but was asked to write one for the magazine Paracinema. It’s a fantastic film magazine that features great articles on genre films, cult stuff, anything you can think of and some stuff you might not have thought of. I picked up the first 3 issues, 2 on their website and the last issue in my favorite comic book store in NYC, Jim Hanley’s Universe, the only NYC store to carry the magazine.

So they supposedly liked the fleshed out article that I had written. I researched, watched many movies and gave it a life of its own.

What is it on?

Well, it’s on the little talked about sub-genre of the 70’s of Nunsploitation films. Yes, nuns who like to fuck and kill. Fun times for all, especially my fellow Catholics.

So yeah, self promotion is fun and why not? I’m just asking you all to check out the magazine. It comes out in October. You can order it now, or any of their back issues on their website at Also, buy a few issues and I’ll give you many a kudos. I will, I promise.

Here’s the cover of the issue. Hitchcock, Ichi the Killer, and some Melvin Van Peebles action? Even if I didn’t have an article in it, I would’ve bought it.