George Merchan


I am so ready to revisit the Land of the Dead. George Romero’s fourth zombie film showed him to be a director who keeps on serving up interesting curveballs in his own series – each of the previous three movies had been completely unique, and Land was just as different from the rest. Last month … Continue reading


So Steven Spielberg was recently at USC (University of Southern California) giving talks on a whole bunch of film subjects that included the hott dino-on-dino action of Jurrasic Park IV, the ever-gestating Indiana Jones IV, and his thoughts on 3-D. First, JP4: "He is working with writers on the script to Jurassic Park IV and … Continue reading


(From the Lumiere stories) Lumiere County Jail. May 1st 2007 2:10am “Did you know, detective, that when tobacco was first brought back to England from the New World, a misnomer if there ever was one, King James likened it’s smell to a reeking scent from the pit of hell?” Christian Rhodes smiled and rested his … Continue reading


First of all, Devin was right. It’s LUKE Wilson, not Owen Wilson who will be man-handled by the ginormous hands of the still completely beautiful Uma Thurman in her upcoming comedy, Super Ex-Girlfiend (changed from Super Ex because that title wasn’t awkward enough). Anyway, to the right of this here text is one of a … Continue reading


It’s the eleventh Prognosticator! This time we’re debuting a new feature – our pick of the week. That’s right, now we’re telling you what movies to go see. Oscar season is in full swing this November, with every week delivering another film that is just begging for a little golden statue. And many movies that … Continue reading