HOTTFirst of all, Devin was right. It’s LUKE Wilson, not Owen Wilson who will be man-handled by the ginormous hands of the still completely beautiful Uma Thurman in her upcoming comedy, Super Ex-Girlfiend (changed from Super Ex because that title wasn’t awkward enough).

Anyway, to the right of this here text is one of a bunch of new pics that have surfaced over at the LiveJournal site Uma Thurman Fans (blogs are breaking more and more news these days it seems, huh?) which has the tall drink of lovely water in various poses showing off her superhero duds. My pants are definitely enlarging (and I’m not even wearing any!). Click here and here to check out the rest and see that it is indeed Luke Wilson who is starring and hated by my raw jealousy.

Billed as an "action-comedy", Super Ex-Girlfriend is about a man (Wilson) who "finds out that his girlfriend is a superhero. But when he breaks up with her for being too neurotic and controlling, she uses her super powers to torment and embarass him."

The film is being directed by Ivan Reitman (who for my money, hasn’t helmed anything worthwhile since Kindergarten Cop – and even that’s stretching) from a script penned by Don Payne (a former writer for The Simpsons when the show was first becoming really awful). Anna Faris and Eddie Izzard round out the rest of the cast.

The Super-Ex Girlfriend punches you in the man-meat in July of ’06.