The Skeleton Key Ghost Stories contest is almost at an end!

Here’s how the contest works – people send in their ghost stories (truth or fiction, doesn’t matter to us!) and you the reader vote on the winner. We’ll have a couple of batches of stories and at the grand finale we will pit the winner of each batch against each other. At the end, the winner of that final vote gets the prize pack.

So here’s the third set of spooky stories, all written by CHUD readers. Please click the stories below, read them and the head over to our message boards (if you’re not a registered member, become one right here) and vote for your favorite story.

Ghost Story by Gary Anderson
Grandma Visits by Richard Worth
Headstrong by Aaron Borum
The Ghost of Lust by Rosemary Graham
Jenny of Midnight by Chris Lettera
True Gh0st Story by Dorothy Freeman

In case you missed the the first two sets of stories, just click here for the first batch and here for the second.

Winners will be determined by YOU, loyal readers. So get voting!