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An update of horror master John Carpenter’s murky 1980 flick The Fog will waft into theaters this Halloween with some pretty TV faces to scare, namely Smallville’s Teen of Steel Tom Welling and Lost brat Maggie Grace, while Hellboy companion Selma Blair takes the part of the husky-voiced lighthouse deejay. But none of the attractive … Continue reading


Rank Title WeekendGross CumulativeGross Weeks in Release 1 Batman Begins $46,900,000 $71,000,000 1 2 Mr. and Mrs. Smith $27,300,000 $97,900,000 2 3 Madagascar $11,100,000 $147,100,000 4 4 Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith $9,700,000 $347,800,000 5 5 The Longest Yard $8,000,000 $131,900,000 4 6 The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl … Continue reading


WIN THE ENTIRE SET OF RED SONJA # 1 COVERS! Given that just about every other column on this site has organized a contest for its readers, the warrior-scribes at Thor’s Comic Column figured we’re way past due in rewarding our readers with some booty…literally. The good folks over at Dynamic Forces have donated a … Continue reading


Aside from Clint Eastwood, some of my earliest memories of cinema feature the legendary Steve McQueen.  Seeing him display such casual coolness in Sunday afternoon airings of movies like The Great Escape, Bullitt, Hell is for Heroes, The Towering Inferno and The Getaway is what made me want to become an actor in the first place. … Continue reading


Mr. & Mrs. Smith just didn’t click for me – there wasn’t enough to Pitt and Jolie’s wholly superficial characters (as beautiful as they may be) to make me care if they murdered each other, reconciled their marriage or successfully shot up a department store full of faceless stormtroopers.  It’s also at least 20 minutes … Continue reading


Hey, remember this thing?  Well, I’m gonna try something different here in the hopes of giving the Underground a steady throbbing pulse instead of saving everything up for one lengthy money shot (besides, I’m told that readers hate scrolling).  So from now on I’ll throw these up in rabbit-punch fashion, with a quick review, news … Continue reading


Remember how cool Vin Diesel was in his breakthrough role as intergalactic outlaw Riddick in Pitch Black and its sequel?  It was considerably less cool seeing him contend with loaded diapers and cantankerous water fowl in The Pacifier, so it’s refreshing to hear he’s getting back into murder mode. Diesel will star in an adaptation … Continue reading


So far, X-Men 3 has a loaded cast, another new director, a release date Fox is apparently hellbent on making regardless of detriment to the film, and a whole lot of fans concerned about the direction that  Marvel’s mutant franchise is (rumored to be) going. Now it also has a teaser poster, and you just know … Continue reading


Amphibious director James Cameron has again depressurized and surfaced from his subaquatic stronghold to dispense teaser tidbits to those of us who’ve been waiting nearly a decade for him to create something non-documentary.  The tech-happy helmer has now shared that although he’s still planning his sorta live-action adaptation of the manga Battle Angel Alita (which … Continue reading


BUY IT AT AMAZON: CLICK HERE!STUDIO: First Look MediaMSRP: $24.99RATED: RRUNNING TIME: 90 min.SPECIAL FEATURES: Trailers The Pitch “It’s The Hidden in England!” The Humans Luke Goss (Blade II, Silver Hawk), Kevin Howarth (The Last Horror Movie, Razor Blade Smile) The Nutshell Maverick Brit cop John Dark (Goss) gets promoted and paired with a more … Continue reading