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I’m predicting that Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is going to be the movie that surprises the hell out of everyone this summer.  Or praying, really.  At the very least, it’ll be neat to see how Douglas Adams’ classic sci-fi comedy book is realized with more than the 200 quid the BBC spent on the … Continue reading


BUY IT AT AMAZON: CLICK HERE!STUDIO: UniversalMSRP: $29.99 RATED: PGRUNNING TIME: 95 MinutesSPECIAL FEATURES:• Commentary• Featurettes• Music Video• Trailer I have only a hazy recollection of the apparently beloved 60s TV show Thunderbirds, which involved a family of puppets (and their puppet friends) who used their futuristic vehicles to save people in danger all over … Continue reading


Keira Knightley looked like she could kick my ass on the set of Domino. Of course, she looked like she could’ve kicked my ass in Bend it Like Beckham too. Let’s just say in Beckham, she would have winded me and damaged my spleen, but now she’d rip my neck clean off. Domino is based … Continue reading


Voice movies can be great for interviewing really interesting people about things other than the movie they’re promoting. There’s really only a few questions you can ask somebody about voice acting. How long did it take and how many sessions? Did you record alone or with the other actors? When did you see the character … Continue reading

DAVE’S TOP 15 OF 2004

Discuss this here on our message boards. Nick’s List.Devin’s List. I don’t get to the theater as often as I’d like and I don’t have the same access to advanced or press screenings as Devin and Nick, so I’ve yet to see a few of the films populating their lists.  As a result my selections … Continue reading


I have to admit, outside of the Lord of the Rings trilogy (and the Deathstalker movies, naturally), I’m not really much of a swords-and-sorcery guy. Which means that not only do the endless invitations to join the local NERO chapter fall on deaf ears, but the numerous fantasy films rushing into production seeking to capitalize … Continue reading


I know a lot of movie and comic fans aren’t particularly sold on the live-action adaptation of Frank Miller’s Sin City from filmmaker Robert Rodriguez. Whether they’re just not moist about the notion of a panel-by-panel reconstruction of Miller’s graphic novels using humans (and Devon Aoki), or if they were personally soured by the experience … Continue reading


The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou is the first Wes Anderson movie that Owen Wilson didn’t cowrite. This time, Noah Baumbach helped Anderson with the script but Anderson still called his buddy for a major role. As Ned Plimpton, Wilson plays the long lost son of the title character. At least, he may be the … Continue reading


Raise a flagon of hearty mead for three new reviewers here in Thor’s Comic Column: Russell Paulette, Rob Glenn and Graig Kent.   Now, to the reviews, verily! First Look: Joss Whedon is Well on His Way Toward Putting Together One of the Better “X-Men” Runs By Devon Sanders Wednesdays have been an absolute joy … Continue reading


If you think Jeff Goldblum always plays his characters the same way, the fast talking, stammering, quirky genius of Jurrasic Park, Independence Day or The Fly, you should hear him talk in real life. He’s got exactly the same speech pattern, so it’s not an act. I must say, he’s been quite skilled at finding … Continue reading