Mr. & Mrs. Smith just didn’t click for me – there wasn’t enough to Pitt and Jolie’s wholly superficial characters (as beautiful as they may be) to make me care if they murdered each other, reconciled their marriage or successfully shot up a department store full of faceless stormtroopers.  It’s also at least 20 minutes too long, and what the hell’s up with setting a hand-to-hand combat scene to “Express Yourself”, Doug? Weird. 

But hey, the movie generated a ton of cash, which as usual proves that I know virtually nothing.  It also shows that the opening weekend made enough impact for a sequel to already come under consideration, a sequel that would in fact involve a sequel – the Smiths’ new bambino. 

According to producer Akiva Goldsman, they originally thought about ending the movie with the now-happy couple dealing with a brand new bundle of joy (the scene was apparently shot and will show up on the DVD that should arrive in about two months), but the idea has stuck around.

Goldsman thinks a bouncing baby would be a logical step for two people whose very lives revolve around discontinuing those of others.  "First they deal with how to manage a relationship in the face of selfish need,” Goldsman says. “Next will be how to do so in the face of a baby’s need.”  Gunfire and newborn children – that’s entertainment!

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