An update of horror master John Carpenter’s murky 1980 flick The Fog will waft into theaters this Halloween with some pretty TV faces to scare, namely Smallville’s Teen of Steel Tom Welling and Lost brat Maggie Grace, while Hellboy companion Selma Blair takes the part of the husky-voiced lighthouse deejay.

But none of the attractive cast are being used to sell the tale of salty spooks just yet, and instead they’ve decided to use a giant smoky face.  It’s actually pretty effective, even if it does give off a major Mummy vibe.

The Revolution remake, helmed by Stigmata director Rupert Wainwright, tells of a small California coastal town assailed by a strange fog and the irritable hook-handed sea spirits contained within those mystery mists.  Dev checked out the set a few months back, which you can read about HERE.  The film’s official site is also already live, and you can check that out HERE.

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