Dave Davis


Rank Title WeekendGross CumulativeGross Weeks in Release 1 Talladega Nights $14,100,000 $114,600,000 3 2 Snakes on a Plane $13,800,000 $15,200,000 1 3 World Trade Center $10,800,000 $45,000,000 2 4 Accepted $10,100,000 $10,100,000 1 5 Step Up $9,800,000 $39,400,000 2 6 Barnyard $7,400,000 $45,900,000 3 7 Little Miss Sunshine $5,600,000 $12,700,000 4 8 Pirates of the … Continue reading


Universal is making a big-budget action flick based on the comic series Wanted, and who better to lead the cast as a superpowered assassin than… um, the guy who played the forest-dwelling goat-man in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe? James McAvoy ditches his horns and hooves for twin pistols in the adaptation of … Continue reading


Director David R. Ellis is probably one of the most mellow Hollywood veterans I’ve ever met, a real Southern California surfer type complete with rich tan and abundant usage of terms like “radical”. He’s been an actor, stunt coordinator and second unit director on everything from Nightbeast to The Wraith to Harry Potter, before shifting … Continue reading


The threat of Annihilation just gets bigger and bigger By Graig Kent After the climactic and cool finales to the Annihilation prologue mini-series featuring the Silver Surfer and Nova (the Ronan and Super-Skrull minis didn’t sell me past their first issues), Keith Giffen was going to have to step up his game to keep the … Continue reading


Rank Title WeekendGross CumulativeGross Weeks in Release 1 Talladega Nights $23,000,000 $91,200,000 2 2 Step Up $21,000,000 $21,000,000 1 3 World Trade Center $19,000,000 $26,800,000 1 4 Barnyard $10,000,000 $34,000,000 2 5 Pulse $8,400,000 $8,400,000 1 6 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest $7,200,000 $392,400,000 6 7 The Descent $4,600,000 $17,500,000 2 8 Zoom … Continue reading


After many others have tried, Batman Begins director Christopher Nolan will attempt to condense the cerebral 17-episode series The Prisoner into a coherent feature film. Some time after he’s done telling the next chapter in the saga of The Dark Knight (which I still say should be titled Batman Persists or Batman Keeps On Keepin’ … Continue reading


Even though he got blasted out a skyscraper window by him in what might be the most unintentionally hilarious scene in the Star Wars prequels (and there were a lot of them), Sam Jackson is still on good terms with Hayden Christensen – they’re working together again on Fox’s contemporary sci-fi flick Jumper. Christensen’s involvement … Continue reading


What. The. Hell? Smokin’ Aces is the movie that Narc director Joe Carnahan made after exiting Mission Impossible 3, and thank a god other than Xenu that he did. All I knew was that the flick was a casino crime tale, but I certainly didn’t expect it to resemble Guy Ritchie by way of Road … Continue reading