Even though he got blasted out a skyscraper window by him in what might be the most unintentionally hilarious scene in the Star Wars prequels (and there were a lot of them), Sam Jackson is still on good terms with Hayden Christensen – they’re working together again on Fox’s contemporary sci-fi flick Jumper.

Christensen’s involvement actually spilled from Jackson’s mouth at Comic Con last month, but nobody seemed to know exactly what role he’d play. It turns out it’s actually the lead role of Davy, a young man with the ability to teleport. I’d assumed this would be the previously announced Jamie Bell (who’s still in the movie, but as a similarly gifted kid who trains Davy and probably winds up being evil), but Christensen is apparently replacing someone named Tom Sturridge in the part.

The story, adapted from Steven Gould’s books by David Goyer and then Simon Kinberg, follows a kid who uses his newfound teleporting talent to escape an abusive father and search for his missing mother, which draws the attention of Jackson’s bellowing (one presumes) NSA agent. For some reason this will cost over $100 million to tell, probably because after Mr. & Mrs. Smith, director Doug Liman now likes to make flashy movies that are as expensive as they are vapid and abrasive.