Good Day, Nick here.


Much like my fellow hacker Zero Cool, I was banned from any computer for the illicit actions I can conjure up with a keyboard, but unlike Jonny Lee Miller – I am back. That may be good or bad depending on whether I have left an acid burn taste in your mouth; but like it or not, the Phantom Phreak known as Wehman rides again. I may not be the Lord Nikon of the world wide web, but I promise that my words will not cause a plague that will crash or override your system. Now grab your cereal and kill some time reading more waste of server space.


KaBlam! Round four starts off with an Original Cocktease being taken with 81st overall pick by Kirby Drummond. Not too many men alive wouldn’t want to get a hold of the pups and tart she possesses. It’s a good thing no parts got skipped in the making of this English babe. Now, if I could just get this guilty pleasure in the fastlane, both of us could have a few "OH’s" in my home state of Ohio.

The good girl that leads to big trouble, Zooey Deschanel, becomes the 82nd woman selected in the 2006 CHUD Babe Draft. All the real girls want a little more than the elf-like package I got, so Ratty became a real go-getter and did not fail to launch this California girl onto his list.

Kelly who? Kelly Hu, that’s who! Striking a death blow to many drafters boards is Stew, who takes this Hawaiian beauty at number 83. I did have a growth in my pants, but it wasn’t a pain since the 38 year old took not only Manhattan, but the rest of the world by storm in X-Men 2. All I know is that it would be more than a strange day if I could give her a ride on my Harley Davidson while smoking a Marlboro, man!

Not only would I journey to the end of the night, but I would visit the peaks and valleys of thedeanbcurtis’s fourth round pick and number 84 overall – Alice Braga.

I can’t believe she survived this long, but the non-white chick Beyoncé Knowles has just made Chris Allen a happy man. I’m sure everyone fought temptation to select this dream girl sooner, but her and her pink panther fall all the way to number 85. Now, if I could just fulfill my destiny and get her alone with my gold member.

Even if I was drunk on wine and stumbling sideways, I’d be more than tempted to get past the firewall that Eileen has setup around babe 86, Virginia Madsen. The ripple of effect of working with Harrison Ford was not lost on Eileen, who made Virgina a prairie home companion to the other babe’s on her list.

Bang a Gong Li, and get it on says otisthecat. Thank goodness this 41 year old (and babe 87) from China doesn’t hide her face behind a mask, because she is stunning.  

Someday I hope to show Paula Garcés who the man of the house is by taking her on a trip to White Castle for a burger and soda. However, my dangerous mind thinks dating her could be more treacherous than hanging with the homeboys. Whatever way you spin the 88th overall babe taken by Matt Goldberg, know that this pledge is one hottie.

The temptation of performing any dirty deeds with Zoe Saldana is tremendous. Dave Davis makes this 28 year old center stage in his list. So everyone else needs to get over it, this premium babe is now gone.

We are staring to get at the threshold of picks. The ones that separates the regular nerds from the sewer chewers, and draws a hot line in the sand. JPT thinks outside the triangle and takes Catherine Bell with the 90th overall selection.

Once upon a time in America, a babe was born in the Catskills who would rocket to the hearts of all men. Not willing to pass her beautiful mind and body up any farther, Christopher Read makes Jennifer Connelly a dream no longer.

Born in Connecticut and now serving as an attraction on Micah Robinsons’ list is Gretchen Mol. I had hoped to make her forever mine, but after seeing her without freshening up, I thought about the last time I committed suicide and realized being with her might not be such a picnic. Plus, could her ass be any rounder? Hell yeah – who saw that one coming?

The country of Italy has been very good to the babe draft this year, and Asia Argento continues the trend. I’d be willing to live freaky or die freaky with this babe, especially if her drafter Shelby joined in. This Scarlett dive likes things XXX, and so do I.

My name is Brian and your name is fucking hot! That’s what I’d say to Nadine Velazquez if I ran into this biker girl on the street. Of course, Slater agrees and takes this babe on her last ride as an un-drafted woman.

If I could get under the skin of Kristanna Loken, I’d leave her worn like a tattoo and in a panic. I’m sure Nick is much nicer than I am, so it’s probably a good thing this New York babe goes to him at number 95. Although after a few tequilas and a roofie, we could easily have some lime salted love.

Wow, you learn something new every day. Apparently Carmen Electra is from Ohio and apparently she is still a whore. Starving Dog looks past previous erotic confessions and whacks this babe at number 96. I could probably go on for hours with movie titles, but any woman listed as appearing in Naked Womens Wrestling League DVD needs nothing more said.

I’m not sure if fabfunk has a ten inch hero, but Linda Cardellini prefers her American heroes big and wide. It’s no secret that fabfunk is a grandma’s boy, whose life is certainly not a fairy tale, so let’s hope Linda doesn’t end up a dead woman on campus.

I’d have to smoke about 200 cigarettes after having sex with Kate Hudson mostly because she is almost famous. Andrew Sweeney makes the offspring of Kurt and Goldie babe number 99, but let’s hope this guy can hold onto her for more than ten days. 

One hundred women and maybe more – well number one hundred at least now belongs to yours truly. She may not have the acting resume of the others, but one role, good pipes, a flat stomach, and a set of boobs that look great in a tank top, lands Kelly Clarkson on my list.

Hopefully someday I’ll get Josie Marans’ digits into my little black book, but till then she’ll have to settle being babe number 101 and on Anyawatchin Angel’s list. I do have a confession to make though, if I could get a hold of her I’d swat her ass just for appearing in VAN HELSING.

(next day)

Martainman decided to kick it new school and take Maria Menounos with pick 102. This fresh faced babe from Massachusetts may have only been a sexy nurse in FANTASTIC FOUR, but she can scrub the one tree that sits below the hill I call a stomach anytime.

Nikki Reed is an 18 year old from California with a stunning face and a long brown mane. Do you really need some stupid puns to tell you why gravedigger made her the 103rd babe? Of course you do! I’ve had a crush on this cherry since she was thirteen; and while those impure thoughts will never allow me to be a man of God, it will let my American gun have a lot more fun.

Say what you want about Stacey Ferguson (for example she has a giant horse face), but her body fills my rocket with the power only my balls can provide. I don’t have a monster in my closet, or my pants, so Richard Dickson decided to be cool and take this babe (better know as Fergie) with the 104th overall pick.

Coming to us from the beaches of Spain, Paz Vega is about to learn another language besides Spanglish being on Crow’s babe list – the language of fanboy lust. There are a lot more than ten items in my sexual bag that I would like to use on this senorita.

Don’t fake the funk and don’t miss the junk in the trunk of babe 106 – Tatyana Ali. I’m not sure if having this babe on your list leads you down the glory road, but donde is taking his chances. My only regret is that I didn’t get this fresh princess on my list.

Gina Torres doesn’t look like any soccer mom I know, but she is fair game so sunwukong takes her at pick 107. I thought I loved my wife until I got a load of this firefly. Now, if only I could dip my five fingers in her jam.

I’ll be a wino forever, mostly because I know I can’t shoplift Winona Ryder off of GFC’s list. This great ball of fire who was named after her hometown (fucking hippie parents), of Winona, Minnesota is definitely not living in the age of innocence. She’s a little woman who spends her time with lost souls, and has learned that reality does bite. I do know that she prefers men to boys, so I feel better about wanting to give the last babe in round four a taste of my beetle juice.


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