Brian McKevitt

Spiderman – Turn off the Suck.

Howdy folks. I just got back from the future and I wanted to reinforce to you how absolutely God AWFUL “Spiderman – Turn off the Dark” is.  Sure you could ask me why with the power of time travel I would choose to either:  A): Go forward in time to see a Broadway play about … Continue reading

Shameless Self Promotion

Hey – do you like free stuff? That’s awesome ! So do I ! I recently wrote a book in one sitting using only a sharpie marker and an Original Fat Boy Composition Notebook. It sort of turned into performance art for writers. I then took the time to turn it into the single oddest free … Continue reading

Circle of Life

He had no idea what he had walked into. To be fair, there was no way he could have.  To him it was just an elevator, a means of getting from the lobby to the newborn in less time than it would take to scale the outside of the building. And he WOULD have scaled … Continue reading


I haven’t written in a while. I haven’t had much to say really. Truthfully speaking, I’ve been pretty irritated by the blog scene as of late.   It’s like the flood gates have opened and now EVERYBODY thinks they can write. I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to figure out which side of … Continue reading