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2005 is shaping up as the year of the great foreign film. Which is sort of ironic, since most of the great foreign films I’ve been seeing hit their home countries at least a year ago and are only just now getting some play in the States. But who cares when a movie comes from … Continue reading


Samara, the evil ghost from The Ring, hasn’t upgraded. At the beginning of The Ring Two she’s still getting passed around (cleverly) via videotape – at this point that seems about as worrisome as an 8mm film reel. But that’s OK because The Ring Two, outside of the opening scene, isn’t interested in Samara-as-viral-meme anymore. … Continue reading


The idea of a documentary following a guy who orders a wife through the mail is a good one. There may even be one on the subject – the whole thing is so fascinating. But a documentary like that might have a hard time getting a Jose Canseco cameo, unlike the mockumentary Mail Order Wife. … Continue reading


Ten years ago, the Travolta resurgence continued with Get Shorty. I don’t remember much about the film — seems like it was an entertaining piece of fluff, maybe little else. Of course, I do remember the Travolta picture from the year before. The one that kicked off the mess that eventually became Michael and The … Continue reading


Tyler Perry is a superstar. Maybe not to most of the readers of, but in the urban theater world (once known disparagingly as the “chitlin’ circuit”), Perry’s plays have grossed upwards of 75 million dollars in the last few years. With those kinds of numbers it’s no surprise that one of his plays has … Continue reading


The Magazine: Giant The Pitch: A newcomer in the world of magazines geared towards men and their entertainment. Sort of like an American HOT DOG. Of all the US books out there, this is the one most in tune with’s mentality.The Cost: $3.99The Month: Feb/MarchThe Publisher: SameCover Story: Ethan Hawke Main Interview: Ethan Hawke … Continue reading


The remake of John Carpenter’s Assault on Precinct 13 opens with a jittery, wired undercover sting gone wrong. Ethan Hawke, all too convincing as a junkie, is leading two cops in an effort to take out some Serbian mobsters, but it all goes to hell, as your average pre-credits sequence sting will do, and Hawke … Continue reading


The Magazine: EW #802 The Pitch: America’s weekly (except for when they do pointless double issues) entertainment magazine. Sometimes totally fun and loaded with goodness and others absolutely flimsy and gosspiy, it’s one of those must read guilty pleasures we look forward to.The Cost: $3.50The Month: JanuaryThe Publisher: WBCover Story: 200 Forecast Main Interview: N/A … Continue reading


The Magazine: EMPIRE #188 The Pitch: The biggest and best movie magazine in the world. Made in the UK. Huge. That’s all you need to know.The Cost: $8.99The Month: FebruaryThe Publisher: SameCover Story: Ocean’s Twelve Main Interview: Cast of Ocean’s Twelve PRO: Tons and tons of interviews, most of them quite solid. The Ocean’s Twelve … Continue reading