.The Magazine: EW #802

The Pitch: America’s weekly (except for when they do pointless double issues) entertainment magazine. Sometimes totally fun and loaded with goodness and others absolutely flimsy and gosspiy, it’s one of those must read guilty pleasures we look forward to.

The Cost: $3.50
The Month: January
The Publisher: WB
Cover Story: 200 Forecast

Main Interview: N/A


  • The 2005 preview is quite good. Lots of pictures, and a decent amount of meat to go with them.

  • I’ve never found Jessica Simpson to be attractive, but the picture they have of her from The Dukes of Hazzard is pretty solid. At least she’s not some skinny curveless beast. Her face is Ancient Greece, but who am I to say anything?

  • A surprisingly solid reviews section.


  • TWO Alias sidebars?

  • The stuff they choose to devote page space to, primarily in music and television often scares the muscles right off me.

  • There is never a reason you should have a picture of Lea Thompson in a post-1990 magazine.

  • Stephen King, why do you deliver needles of hatred to me via your column? How did this turn out so bad?


Worth getting for the 2005 preview.