.The Magazine: EMPIRE #188

The Pitch: The biggest and best movie magazine in the world. Made in the UK. Huge. That’s all you need to know.

The Cost: $8.99
The Month: February
The Publisher: Same
Cover Story: Ocean’s Twelve

Main Interview: Cast of Ocean’s Twelve


  • Tons and tons of interviews, most of them quite solid.

  • The Ocean’s Twelve round table interview is golden.

  • Nice stuff on the love affair between Hollywood and drugs.

  • The reviews section is always terrific.

  • The best written film magazine, bar none.


  • While I give them credit for giving their cover film only three stars, I expected EMPIRE to "get" Ocean’s Twelve.

  • British magazines… it’s perfectly fine to leave Withnail and I out of an issue or two.
  • Their cartoon in the Hollywood/drugs article is not funny, and this is coming from the guy that does Ron!

  • This issue is hurt by the American/British timing of film releases. Not much new stuff here.


A good issue, but not as fun or engaging as normal. They need to keep the fun central . They have the floor. They’re the big boy. Have fun!