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We could simply cut and paste stories from Variety, but we don’t. We’re too amazing for that. We RETYPE articles from Variety…


A third movie in the Fast and the Furious “franchise” was inevitable.  Look, that’s something we’re just going to have to accept.  Despite a cast of colorful vehicles with more personality than the human stars and an absence of imagination or narrative, the movies generated truckloads of cash, so a third one is revving up … Continue reading


While the doomed cruise ship pulls up anchor and prepares to set sail on its journey into upside-down terror, more passengers are rushing up the embarking ramp to join Wolfgang Petersen’s update of The Poseidon Adventure.  Josh Lucas, who memorably detonated into a white outline in Hulk, will play a slick gambler in the remake, … Continue reading


I was watching the new episode of HBO’s Entourage the other night, in which the lead actor character has “cooled” and his agent strongly advises him to take a big high-profile “gimme” project like Aquaman or risk evaporating from the A-list.  I can only imagine a similar conversation occurring between Ben Affleck and his talent … Continue reading


If you’re a complete gaymo like me, you’re looking forward to the big screen version of Rent, featuring most of the original Broadway cast, even though Chris Colombus is directing it. And if you’re a complete gaymo like me you might even watch the new teaser trailer 2 or 3 times and sing along with … Continue reading


Forget about the aborted Batman vs Superman – we’re going to get a film pitting two more powerful figures in film today. In this corner, Will Smith, undisputed champion of the box office world! In this corner, Nic Cage, a guy whose movies you end up seeing even though you really didn’t want to! The … Continue reading


I can’t pinpoint the moment when Ben Stiller went from someone whose films I anticipated to someone whose omnipresence became overwhelming and annoying. It might have been just around Starksy and Hutch. At any rate, the inclusion of Stiller in a film is no longer so exciting, so it’s tough to get any interest going … Continue reading


So, apparently Microsoft tried a fun and quirky way to get the idea of HALO: The Movie in front of studios… …by walking Master Chiefs through their doors with copies of Alex Garland’s script. Inventive. According to the Defamer site (thanks Jack, you SW apologist), the buzz on the script is that it’s shate but … Continue reading


Paramount didn’t "get" The Watchmen enough to commit to a budget befitting a project of its scope, size, and importance. Whether it was the difference of ten million bucks or whatever is beside the point. They didn’t get it, or at least they weren’t confident enough in its potential to earn to pull the trigger. … Continue reading


Hey, it’s "Sequels to Really Old Movies" day here at! We’ve brought you info about unlikely follow ups to The Goonies and Sixteen Candles, so let’s go with the trifecta and talk about Beetlejuice 2! The cats from JoBlo talked to Michael Keaton for the new Herbie movie, and they asked him: Q: Is … Continue reading


This is why I would like to be rich, famous and powerful. While watching the Miss Universe pageant, Adam Sandler saw Jennifer Hawkins, last year’s winner, hand off her crown to this year’s Beauticon. I guess he liked how she looked, because he offered Hawkins a role in his next film, Click. Click is a … Continue reading