cdHas there ever been a time when a movie about a guy who is essentially a terrorist would seem more ill-advised? The good news is that lame considerations about the political climate aren’t stopping Philip Noyce from directing a film about  Patrick Chamusso, a South African who used sabotage to strike against the apartheid system of his country.

Tim Robbins is in final talks to star in the film, as police man in the brutal South African force – let’s hope this isn’t some kind of Amistad bullshit, where there needs to be a really good white guy to be the hero. But since Derek Luke (Antwone Fischer) is starring as Chamusso, there’s a good chance that he’ll actually get to be the focus of the picture.

The movie is called Hot Stuff, and  is written by Shawn Slovo, the daughter of murdered anti-apartheid activist Ruth First and leading African National Congress figure Joe Slovo. It will begin filming this August in South Africa.