casIn the summer of 1963 Pony League (motto: Stay Golden!) coach John Jennings robbed over 20 banks in California, using the traveling of his team as cover. Current first base coach for the Baltimore Orioles and 1983 World Series MVP (let’s pretend like I just knew this stuff and didn’t have to look it up) Rick Dempsey was 13 years old that summer, and playing on Jenning’s team. Now that’s a story.

Warner Bros thinks so as well, since they bought it as a pitch. The film is currently titled Stolen Summer, and John Raffo, the unstoppable wordsmith behind Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story will write it up.

Johnny Knoxville, soon to be whooping it up in Dukes of Hazzard, is interested in starring in the film as Jennings. As long as the script calls for him to get nailed in the nuts by fly balls, I think we have a winner!

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