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A SPIT OF HONESTY I’m in “Game Face.” mode right now.  I’m currently working on 3 separate creative projects and I’m in my ultra analytical artist mindset.  All of my extra mental moments are dedicated to these works.  A lot of people tend to mistake “Game Face” for disinterest or detachment.  This isn’t exactly the … Continue reading

Always Late: The Return of the Matt

DON’T CALL IT A COMEBACK… My last post was July 12th of this year.  Surprisingly, I’ve had various folks ask me why I stopped posting.   First, let me thank you for actually reading.  Blogs can be weird, almost emo-esque, properties of the internet.  We’re writing for an audience…yet often times we are working within … Continue reading

Always Late: The Blog of Matt

This week’s entry is a bit of shameless self-promotion.  I’ll be continuing Welles-Fest in the coming weeks, as we still have a few movies to get through and chat about there…. The advent of quality cameras/DSLRs at relatively affordable prices has created something of the idea that making a short film (or indie feature for … Continue reading

Always Late-by Matt

NOTE:  Welles-Fest will continue with our next installment. WHITHER GREGORY? I’ve been a fan of “House M.D.” since its debut in late 2004.  I don’t consider it a guilty pleasure.  It’s just damn good television.  I’ve come to regard it as my favorite major network show. Much of the appeal originates from the work of … Continue reading

Always Late – by Matt

This is a special mini-blog entry… WELLES-FEST PART 2(b) I’ve had a couple of items brought to my attention since posting WELLES-FEST PART 2 (read that HERE if you haven’t already) on Wednesday.   1.  I mistakenly referred to Agnes Moorehead’s character as Fanny Amberson instead of Fanny Minafer.  I’m not sure why I did … Continue reading

Always Late-by Matt

This entry continues our look at some of the under seen films from Orson Welles’ filmography.  I’ve somewhat mawkishly entitled this venture “Welles-Fest”. Click HERE to read Part 1: Intro & Review of “Me and Orson Welles”.WELLES-FEST PART 2:  The Magnificence of the Ambersons. The problem with discussing Orson Welles’ “The Magnificent Ambersons” is the … Continue reading

Always Late – by Matt

I had hoped the recent release of Richard Linklater’s ME AND ORSON WELLES would ignite some mainstream interest in Welles-ology.  What exactly is mainstream anymore?  That’s another debate for another time.  For film lovers it’s your sites like our gracious hosts at or other such “webzones” as the beloved Mr. Plinkett would say.   … Continue reading