My last post was July 12th of this year.  Surprisingly, I’ve had various folks ask me why I stopped posting.  

First, let me thank you for actually reading.  Blogs can be weird, almost emo-esque, properties of the internet.  We’re writing for an audience…yet often times we are working within such a niche that it can easily be argued we are writing to satiate some need within ourselves.  When it turns out that there actually is a quantitative audience, well that’s something.

I didn’t stop posting as much as I was busy on one of life’s sabbaticals.  I say this with no tongue in cheek.  I tend to (sometimes purposely) give off the appearance of being something of a dilettante.  I play the part of the semi-interested slacker rather well.  In reality I’m usually busy with at least 15 different things at once.  I work mostly in film and television, which of late has meant working primarily to help create advertising content for my excellent clients.  I also design and consult with a board game design company (Worthington Games).  As most people are aware I also produce, direct, and irresponsibly assemble independent films.  But of course, most important of all, I raise my two children.

Things backed up, so I had to re-prioritize and slow down where I could.  I’ve been going non-stop for the past decade or so, with nary of moment of peace or contemplation.  The long and short of it is, I found some time for the aforementioned peace and contemplation.  Now I’m back on the saddle.  Just what the hell does that mean?  Well…


I’m going to be writing more.  I enjoy writing a great deal.  One of my best talents is the ability to generate ideas.  Writing is an unfettered playground for such things.  

I’m not going to change the game plan of this blog at all.  Some posts are going to be about my personal projects.  Others will center on certain films or interests.  I will probably write more entries, but they will be shorter.  I’ve been told that a 4000 word post on Orson Welles can make for some long reading.  Instead I’ll just trick you and divide such things up into two, 2000 word posts.  

(I should note that there is a good deal more Orson Welles related content to come by the way.  I’ve still got Macbeth, Touch of Evil, The Trial, and F Is For Fake to review.)

I should also note that I think my neighbor has the rage virus.  He just got out of his car and made various violent coughing, gasping, and cursing sounds as he got to his door.  I’m going to preemptively hit him in the head with a bat just to be safe.

Blood stains aside, I hope you all enjoy what I have in store.  My next few posts are probably going to be about my current short film project, PHASING MAN.  It’s a parallel universe sci-fi story that I’ve been tossing about in my head for a long time.  I’ve had some very talented writers send me scripts for such things the past couple of years, and I kinda just decided to go with one of my old ideas instead.  

I should also take a moment to announce that I’m looking for a video editor for some of my personal projects.  I’ve gotten to the point where I hate editing my own narrative content.  It’s like being in a box and watching two Matt’s fight each other, while I sit to the side and mutter insults under my breath at both of them.  So if you’re an editor, or know one that might be interested, get a hold of me and save me from myself.  (link to my website with email address is found in the ‘about author’ section above)

So I think that’s it for now.  There really is a lot more to come soon.